The Ring

Gateway Treasure Hunters Club (GTHC) of Wareham,  MA was contacted by long time member Eleanor Hube.  Eleanor is the owner of J&E Enterprises 54 Old Main St. in South Yarmouth MA. She said she had a request from a man named Patrick Stanton of Harwich Conservation Trust (HCT).  Patrick was looking for help locating a ring for friend named Al Boragine.  Eleanor was asking for some of the members of GTHC to come down to Harwich, MA to assist in the hunt on a warm Saturday morning for the ring.

A little over a year ago, 90 year old Al Boragine a USMC Veteran of Harwich Port, MA was doing volunteer work for HCT clearing some brush and later noticed his Marine Corps ring was missing from his hand where he had proudly worn it for 70 years.

On Saturday June 18, 2016, Members of GTHC gathered at the Harwich Conservation site to hunt for Als’ ring.  Not more than 5 minutes into the Hunt the ring was located and extracted from the ground by member Dr. Mike Meyers.  Mike returned the ring to Al who, with a grand smile,  proudly placed it back on his hand.

Al Boragine joined the United States Marine Corps at the young age of 17 in 1944, during WWII with the 1st Marine Div. in the Pacific.  He served in two armed campaigns in Peleliu and Okinawa. He was assigned to occupation duty in China before returning home and being Honorably Discharged.

Al then worked for N.E. Telephone until his retirement in 1981. He was Married in 1949 and helped raise 3 Sons, one of which followed his footsteps and joined the Marines.   Al still volunteers at the HCT, the USMC League and his Church.

The Gateway Treasure Hunters Club was Thrilled to be part of finding and returning this ring to Al.  We gave him our card in case he or anyone he knew ever need help and presented him with a GTHC Club T Shirt.

As a group we say “Thank You for Your Service to this Our Country.”


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