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February Guest Speaker: Tony Brogna of White’s Metal Detectors

February Guest Speaker: Tony Brogna of White’s Metal Detectors

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Our guest speaker for February was Tony Brogna of White’s Metal Detectors.  He brought two detectors to show demos on the V3i and the Vision.  He went over the details in regard to the settings, screens, options, battery packs, usage, customizable sections and more.  He brought the new Pin Pointer which sounds like it’s been hard to keep in stock!

Tony kept our attention, gave us great information, and fielded questions from the audience.

Tony’s contact information is:

White’s of New England

Sales area: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, & Rhode Island

Tony Brogna
977 Central Street Stoughton, Massachusetts 02072
Telephone: 1-781-436-8951   Fax: 1-781-436-8954


Tony Brogna

Tony with V3i


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The January guest speaker: Howard Hewitt

The January guest speaker: Howard HewittHoward with beads

“GTHC January Meeting was well attended and Howard Hewitts’ Program kept everyone in their seats explaining his passions and experiences in Metal Detecting, Archeology, Historical Research, and historical Finds. His Displays of finds was Wicked Awesome to say the least and to think what we saw were but a tip of the Iceberg of his collections… Thanks to you all who did come it was nice to meet the new people of our FB Group, new members and hope to see more of you in the future. HH” – Tom Smith (Photos from contributed by members, to see more visit our facebook group)